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Looking for 2023 CRPL Programs?

Here are the best ways to find all the programs the Library has to offer for 2023:

Visit our Calendar Page which will give you a month-by-month glance at what is offered in both of our branches. To make sure you don’t miss anything – make it a favourite and leave it on your bookmark bar. Click HERE to view the Calendar.

Follow the Library on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The CRPL social media pages are very active and will keep you updated with all of the activities happening at the Library. It’s the first place you should look if you are wondering what is happening today at the Library. Click on the icons below to visit our pages.

Did you know this website has a very detailed “What’s On” page that will describe all of the programs as well as have the links to register if required? It’s a great way to get every single detail of a program we offer. It will tell you all the program dates as well as who the program is geared toward. Click HERE to view that page.

No matter which way you get your information – the CRPL is an important community hub and inclusive to everyone in our community. Visit us often, it’s totally worth it!



Make a donation to the Library

Make a donation to the Library