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Week 2 TD SRC – Pirates

Get ready to set sail with this week’s Pirate activities!

Click on the video HERE  to learn about this week’s activities then come back and read about each one!

Earn more tickets towards the draw by participating in these 3 adventurous activities.

Paper boat races:
In the video above you learned how to make a paper boat from a sheet of paper. Now fill a bath with water, grab a straw and blow on your sail to make it go! The last one to cross the finish line is off to Davy Jones’ locker. Yo Ho Ho! That’s not all, send us a video of your race or a photo of everyone with their boats and earn yourself 3 participation tickets towards our grand draw. So, come on landlubbers, get to work and win that race! To submit a video or picture email us at:

Treasure hunt:
We have a super fun activity for you this week with a chance to earn 10 PARTICIPATION TICKETS and it’s a Treasure Hunt in the Library. That’s right – we are inviting you to come inside one of our branches to do the activity in person in Bourget or Rockland. All members of the TD SRC are welcome to do the activity during our branch hours anytime between now and Friday, July 16th. So set sail and join our crew at the TD information desk to grab a copy of the papers you’ll need to complete this adventure!

Message in a bottle:
Write a message to a pen pal in Trois-Rivières about how your summer is going and what you have been up to. Then put it in a bottle, or any container you find in your recycling bin and drop it off in one of our branches any time this week. All messages will be sent downriver to your pen pal and you’ll even get a message back!
Sign up HERE to receive all your points and the letter from your pen pal.

Still looking for something else to do? Create some Pirate paper!
After having seen the video above you now know how to make Pirate paper; so make your own! Maps and messages are all made with Pirate paper. Every pirate has their own recipe, but come and learn how the Pirates of Clarence-Rockland make their Pirate paper! This week we encourage you to bury some treasure and make a map with your homemade paper to help you remember where you buried it. Send us photos or videos of your crafts to earn participation tickets.
To submit a video or picture email us at:

Don’t forget each time you read 50 pages of a book you earn 1 ticket for the Reading draw. Giving you a chance to win with the Participation and Reading draws! Click HERE to fill out a book report.

If you have any questions, you can reach us by email at

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