The purpose of this statement is to inform users of this website about the collection and use of personally identifiable information at the Clarence-Rockland Public Library. The following is not intended and should not be interpreted as a contract of any nature, either stated or implied.

Definition of Personally Identifiable Information

For the purposes of this statement, “personally identifiable information” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual who is the subject of the information.

Providing Personally Identifiable Information

Citizens do not have to provide personal information to visit the Clarence-Rockland Public Library website or to download information, except in these circumstances: A library card is required to access the My Account features of the catalogue (such as viewing items checked out and viewing or changing requests). A library card number is also required for accessing certain electronic database products from home. In this context the number is required for authentication as a library user and is not tied to personal information.

The Clarence-Rockland Public Library (CRPL) and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA)

The Clarence-Rockland Public Library collects the personal information of library users under the authority of section 23(2) of the Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.44, as amended, for the purposes of library user registration and the administration of circulating items. Personal information collected for these purposes will only be used internally at the Clarence-Rockland Public Library.

For the purposes of the registration of library users and the administration of circulating items, the Clarence-Rockland Public Library collects the following types of personal information: name, address, telephone number (also used for PIN generation – users can indicate the number of their choice), email address, gender, date of birth and language preference.

In both cases, this personal information will only be disclosed to you, except if disclosure to a third party is required by law.

If you bring a library card that belongs to another person, it implies consent for you to pick up material on hold for that person. It does not allow you to have access to other information in that person’s record.

Limiting employee access to information

The Library CEO limits employee access to personal information to only those employees who need access in order to perform their assigned duties.

Protection of information via established security procedures

The Clarence-Rockland Public Library maintains security standards and procedures regarding unauthorized access to personal information to prevent unauthorized removal or alteration of data.

Personal Information Available through Use of Website

The IP address of a computer accessing the Clarence-Rockland Public Library website is recorded for the purpose of website usage analysis. There is no attempt to associate any IP address with an individual user.

CRPL Website & Cookies

For its remote services the CRPL uses session-based cookies to manage authentication (e.g. My Account in the catalogue and the use of database products from outside the library), and persistent cookies to collect data that is not personally identifiable for statistical reporting purposes only. A cookie is a small file that stores information. A cookie is considered persistent if the file is stored on your hard drive, whereas a cookie that is discarded when the browser is closed is considered to be a session-based cookie.

Privacy & Digital Rights Management Software

CRPL allows access to downloadable audiobooks through a subscription to OverDrive, linked from its website. OverDrive employs Digital Rights Management software to provide a discrete borrowing period for loaned downloadable audiobook items to correspond with the contractual relationships between OverDrive and the publisher of the items. The software is not used to communicate user information back to OverDrive or CRPL.

Other Websites

Various websites may be linked through the Clarence-Rockland Public Librarys website. Visitors to linked websites are advised to check the privacy statements on those sites and to be cautious about providing personal information without a clear understanding of how that information will be used.

Your Right to Access

You may request access to your personal information at the Clarence-Rockland Public Library. You have the right to request the correction of any personal information that is incorrect or incomplete. Staff in any branch can help you correct personal information.

Disclosure of information other than your own personal information will be subject to MFIPPA.

All formal requests for access to information must be sent in writing to:

Library CEO
1525 du Parc Avenue, Unit 2
Rockland, ON K4K 1C3

The initial fee for all formal requests is $5. This fee must be included with the request. Your formal MFIPPA request will not be processed until the fee is received. There is no fee when you are requesting access to your own personal information.


Please send your questions in writing to the address above.