Every resident or tax-payer of the City of Clarence-Rockland is invited to become a Library member at no charge. Membership is also available to non-residents for a low annual service fee. There is no charge to borrow any of our material and Internet access is free to everyone in the community weather you are a member of the Library or not. We also offer photocopying, printing and scanning services for a nominal fee.

Come visit one of our branches in person to become a member of the Clarence-Rockland Public Library. Your library card is valid for 2 years and proof of address will be required to verify your contact information to renew your card.


Membership is available with the following proof of residency:

1 piece of identification with both a picture and a current Clarence-Rockland home address (ex., driver’s license);


2 pieces of identification: one piece with your name and photo (ex., passport, health card, student card) and one with your name and current Clarence-Rockland home address (ex., personal mail or a bill).

For those who do not have a Clarence-Rockland address, yet pay taxes, a proof of payment (ex., receipt) will need to be shown.


To obtain a card for a child 15 and under a parent or guardian must be present to enroll the child. He or she will need to have their own Library card or provide the same proof of residency as described above. The parent or guardian will need to have some form of identification for the child (ex., health card, passport or student card).

If you are not a resident of Clarence-Rockland you can still get a library card for a fee. Identification is required to get a library card in person at one of our branches. Membership fees for non-residents are:

$30 per year for adults
$5 per year for children (with one adult card)
$ 8 for a temporary 3 month membership


Your library card identifies you to staff and allows you to borrow library material, as well as grants you access to our services and programs both online and in person.

A client’s Library card and privileges may be confiscated at any time if a client does not respect the Library’s rules or Code of Conduct. Please note proof of address may also be requested randomly to verify contact information.

If you lose your card, please report it to the Library right away to prevent someone else from borrowing material on your card.

If you aren’t sure if you already have a library card or if you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 613-446-5680 ext “0” or by email at biblioinfo@bpcrpl.ca with your full name and address and we will verify our database.

Whether your library card has been lost or stolen, you must notify the Library as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in fees for material borrowed on the card and not return or returned damaged.

Library cards can be replaced at a cost of $5 per card. Please note that a piece of identification with your current address is required to obtain a replacement card.