Novel Bunch

Project Description

English Book Club – Read outside the box

The Novel Bunch will work a little differently this year as we have chosen to base our monthly readings on themes rather than on one specific book. We hope this will entice our participants to choose a book that would be outside of their usual reading “box”!

The Rockland branch hosts Novel Bunch every 4th Wednesday of the month and discussions will begin at 6:30 pm.

The book club is open to all residents of Clarence-Rockland with a Library card. If you don’t currently have a card we will be more than happy to sign you up for one on your first visit.

4th Wednesday of the month


July 25th

Time to sit back and enjoy a funny book!  Find yourself a humorous novel or maybe read a biography written by a comedian.  Whatever tickles your funny bone!


August 22nd

August’s theme is a simple one.  Pick a book from the Top 100 Best books of all times.  Visit the Library to see the list or view it online by clicking here.   Will you decide to read the number 1 book or the number 64 book?  The choice is yours!


September 26th

Pick up a book written by a foreign author – that is the theme for September.  what will they have in common with Canadian writers?  Will they “sound” differently?  What a great way to discover a book and a genre you may have never read.

Your choices of authors here are endless but here are a some of our favourites (all these books are available at the Library):

  • Khaled Hosseini who wrote “The Kite Runner”
  • Stieg Larsson who wrote “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”
  • Gabriel García Márquez who wrote “Love in the Time of Cholera “
  • Elena Ferrante who wrote “My Brilliant Friend”
  • Elie Wiesel who wrote “Night”
  • Jo Nesbø who wrote “The Snowman”