Bridge Club New players as well as seasoned players are welcome to join our new Bridge Club at the Rockland branch, which meets twice a month every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. You’re invited to join as a group or as an individual. Come have fun with us! January 8 January

Scrapbooking Digital

Scapbooking digital PROGRAM OFFERED IN FRENCH ONLY L’art du « collimage numérique » est le montage d’un album personnalisé qui se fait directement à l’ordinateur avec l’aide de logiciels graphiques et multimédias ou d’un logiciel spécialement conçu à cet effet. Le club « Scrapbooking digital » se rencontre à la succursale de Rockland les: 1er


Multi -Passions PROGRAM OFFERED IN FRENCH ONLY Bienvenue au club de lecture Multi-passion; un club de lecture ou les gens de la région viennent discuter des livres de tous les genres. Multi-passion fonctionnera un peu différemment cette année, car nous avons choisi de baser nos lectures mensuelles sur des thèmes plutôt que sur

Read to Reel

Read to reel - Movie Club You are cordially invited to step onto the red carpet and explore some great novels that became fantastic movies. The Rockland branch hosts Read to Reel every 1st Friday of the month, movies start at 12 pm and will include a pizza lunch. The movie club is

Novel Bunch

English Book Club - Read outside the box The Novel Bunch will work a little differently this year as we have chosen to base our monthly readings on themes rather than on one specific book. We hope this will entice our participants to choose a book that would be outside of their usual

Chapter Chats

Chapter Chats - Bourget This book club is not for the faint of heart, but if you like “sexy novels” you’ll love this book club! The Bourget branch hosts Chapter Chats every 2nd Thursday of the month and discussions begin at 6:30 pm. Join us as we explore everything about Erotic literature; why